Vincent Benjamin Is Sponsoring JS Village

Thank you Vincent Benjamin for sponsoring local development and design talent and their commitment to community projects. Your contribution will help our teams complete projects and present them to members of our community. You rock!

meltmedia Is Sponsoring JS Village

We truly enjoy working together, likely because we all tend to: Embrace autonomy, feed off peer challenge, support each others’ valiant efforts, be open to fresh thought and take pride in creating great digital experiences.

CoHoots Midtown Co Working Space Is Sponsoring JS Village

CoHoots has always been a strong supporter of local community efforts like JS Village. Events like this are why CoHoots exists, to bring talented developers and designers together.

AwareLabs Is Sponsoring Js Village

AwareLabs is contributing both the website platform and marketing efforts to JS Village. Supporting local community development efforts is one of the reasons AwareLabs was built, JS Village gives us a chance to apply our work to actual causes.

Phoenix Javascript Meetup Is Sponsoring Js Village

The Phoenix Javascript Meetup will be providing talent and mentorship for the JS Village event.

Sponsor JS Village And Get Promoted

$ 600 Raised

Every sponsor will be featured on the website, introduced at the kick off event and the closing presentation event. Thanks to the generosity of CoHoots and AwareLabs we've covered the hard costs of hosting and promoting the event. What remains are opportunities to engage designers and developers for local firms interested in talent.

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Pledge $50
Recruiters will get a 3 minute window to pitch our talented teams.
Aug. 24, 2016 delivery

2 Backers

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Pledge $300
Food and beverage sponsor contact information will be showcased in emails to all teams and attendees of the event.
Aug. 24, 2016 delivery

10 Left

Pledge $25
List local restaurant as a place to visit for dinner for both teams and public attendees. Restaurants will be included in newsletters.