Local Business Aggregator

Help local communities discover local axperience around them.

Learning about phoenix is difficult, requiring a ton of networking and a lot of luck. We hope to simplify the process of discovery by reducing the friction of exploration.

Neighborhood Intelligence

Help us mine public data and build safer neighborhoods.

While there are considerable number of resources available for users related to public safety, there do not seem to be services providing time relevant safety information about the user's' surroundings in a straightforward manner.

Stellar Mathematics League

Create effective math teaching tools.

Effective teaching of maths is a major challenge for instructors teaching every grade level.

Dinner Gathering

Build a dinner scheduling application.

Would more people host dinner parties together if they could effortlessly schedule and organize?

Veteran Services

Build a veteran support chat system.

App to find services and or providers in their area and use it as a meet up type of site as well to schedule events in their community.

The Real Debt Clock

Build the real debt clock based on sound math and accurate numbers.

Many of us think of the national debt as something owed equally by everyone. Even the famous Debt Clock has one large intimidating debt figure per family. However, since debt is paid by taxes and people pay different taxes baed on how much they make, is that number accurate?

What is it?

Glad you asked! We're a local community of software developers. We like to help each other learn and explore technology. We're putting plans together right now and forming teams in preparation for projects in August. We're limited to 6 projects this time. Apply now and our organizers will try to match you up with a team.

Can I join a team as a beginner?

Utilize self learning platforms such as Codecademy and Free Code Camp to get started. Then, when you feel like you're ready to take things to the next level, projects like these are a great way to start! It doesn't hurt to apply - we'll work with you to find a good fit for your abilities.

Should I lead a team?

We'd love to have you as a team lead or a mentor! This is a good chance as well to practice leadership, and to foster good relationships within the community. If you're looking for people who care about making the world a better place, this is your crowd.

What if I'm not a coder?

We need sponsors, media coverage, and volunteers on the day of the event. And we need a great crowd with Phoenix pride to cheer our participants on!

What makes this different from other hackathons?

Designers identify community needs and talk to people.
We form teams and organize our projects before the kickoff date.
Teams are committing 3 weeks to their projects, not just a 24 hour period.
We're here for impact, not profit.

Cool, what else?

Sponsors, prizes, good company, and feeling good about accomplishing something! All in a day's work! If you're looking for a job, update your LinkedIn profile before the last event. Do something awesome, and people will notice!

Sponsor A Project

Our teams are leveraging their talents to working on great community ideas. We'd love to have you volunteer for a team, if you cannot, please sponsor this kind of work. Its important for our community.