Build a dinner scheduling application.

How might we make scheduling everyday gatherings simple and fun? Lets build an SMS based simple MVP.

  • Food restrictions.
  • Guided meal suggestions.
  • RSVPs.
  • Guest tasks / items to bring.

This project will be post to GIT under an MIT public license.


Back End

9 / 10 Intenisty


5 / 10 Intensity


3 / 10 Intensity


3 / 10 Intensity

Rick Markins

I am passionate about building applications to better my community and the hopefully our society.

Corey Abramowitz

I'm interested in a possible new venture as well as getting to know new people.

David Vespoli

I'm participating in the JS Village event because it's a great way to interact with other outgoing developers and creatives while at the same time hopefully giving back to the larger community.

Luis Alcantar

JS Village is a great opportunity to meet and contribute to the community. I think coding is a great tool for solving real life problems, and it can reach a lot of people faster than anything.

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If you can contribute talent, we'd love to have you, otherwise these projects also need hosting, graphics, and many third party services that take the work these talented people are doing and give it life.

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