Build a dinner scheduling application.

How might we make scheduling everyday gatherings simple and fun? Lets build an SMS based simple MVP.

  • Food restrictions.
  • Guided meal suggestions.
  • RSVPs.
  • Guest tasks / items to bring.

This project will be post to GIT under an MIT public license.


Back End

9 / 10 Intenisty


5 / 10 Intensity


3 / 10 Intensity


3 / 10 Intensity

Rick Markins

I am passionate about building applications to better my community and the hopefully our society.

Corey Abramowitz

I'm interested in a possible new venture as well as getting to know new people.

David Vespoli

I'm participating in the JS Village event because it's a great way to interact with other outgoing developers and creatives while at the same time hopefully giving back to the larger community.

Luis Alcantar

JS Village is a great opportunity to meet and contribute to the community. I think coding is a great tool for solving real life problems, and it can reach a lot of people faster than anything.

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