Create effective math teaching tools.

Current studies estimate that there are as many students who struggle with dyscalculia as there are who struggle with dyslexia. Students require effective math teaching for anything as mundane as proper management of personal finances on up to advanced mathematics needed for engineering.

The challenges of teaching math can start from a very early age. To create an effective game and tool for teaching math, we needed to first understand how humans learn the concept of numeracy. This process starts at a very young age, through what has been termed "subitizing". The term subitizing is used to describe the development of understanding how a physical or perceptual quantity relates to a conceptual understanding of number. Studies have suggested that the better a child is at subitizing from an early age, the better their math skills become later in development.

The next step was to understand why students eventually start to hate math. One of the causes sited for many students was the use of timed tests to recall math facts. The use of a clock ticking down to zero created anxiety and shifted focus away from solving problems and improved understanding. This seems not too dissimilar from the popularized scenes in movies and TV of a bomb squad team trying to determine whether to cut the red wire or the blue wire as the bomb ticks down to zero. Many of the available math games meant to help students learn math are simply variations of the timed test that provide a student with an end "score" and no further incentive. These examples left little doubt for the team:
A new set of game mechanics was needed for Stellar Math League.

Various models have been developed for subitizing to aid in basic addition and subtraction and even multiplicative thinking. Building on these models and a new set of gaming designs, Stellar Math league will create interactive gaming experience that will integrate lesson plans for students with exercises that engage and encourage the student to challenge themselves to increase their own proficiency. The visualization principles will also be used to to teach advanced concepts later in development. For now the immediate project will focus on simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and order of operations.

  • Requires developer and designer.
  • Node.js webapp, handlebars
  • Simple client side.
  • MongoDB or possibly React.

This project will be posted to GIT under the MIT public license.



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Jess Mear

I care about education and I enjoy using my skills to give back to my community.

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