Build the real debt clock based on sound math and accurate numbers.

The national debt is a staggeringly large number that represents the money we have spent on our country but not paid in taxes. Regardless of personal opinion on how the money was spent, it has been spent, we can't return our roads nor our schools, as citizens our only real option is to pay the debt back through taxes.

Thats where things get interesting, according to the debt clock every family and citizen owe the same amount. A two year old girl who has never paid income tax, or a college graduate who made a few thousand dollars for the first time owes hundreds of thousands of dollars of the national debt? How can that be?

This project aims to uncover the actual number each and every one of us owes...

  • Needs designers, developers, and data analyst.
  • Gather income and corporate tax data back to 1979.
  • Assemble pure JS / CSS / HTML solution for distribution.

This project has already been started and is a continuation of an earlier informal lead up to JS Village. This will be a public domain MIT license project posted to Git Hub.



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Raphael Hyde

I'm a UI/UX designer with a passion for user research and human centered design. I really care about helping people for the better and not just making money. I love to be outside when it's not 1,000 degrees out :) I want to travel as much as I can and experience everything the light touches.

Paul Kenjora

I began discussing the concept behind JS Village with Brandon ( the lead organizer ) several months ago. The idea was to leverage talent to answer fundamental yet vastly under served or miss-understood community needs. Developers and designers have talents that should be volunteered.

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