JS Village Continues Tonight Wednesday August 10th
Aug. 10, 2016
Event Details
The event is a working session, all driving directions and times are included in the email above. We will be providing light dinner such as pasta salad and quinoa salad and light beverages at this event. Organizers will be on hand to help with technical questions regarding GIT HUB and the launch of your projects.
Tonight's Event Timeline

First Programming Session

Wednesday August 10th

The JS Village programming sessions are work sessions aimed at bringing the teams together and moving the projects forward. This is not a public event, all attendees must be registered with a team.


Thank Tonight's Sponsors

meltmedia Is Sponsoring JS Village

Digital Agency

We truly enjoy working together, likely because we all tend to: Embrace autonomy, feed off peer challenge, support each others’ valiant efforts, be open to fresh thought and take pride in creating great digital experiences.

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CoHoots Midtown Co Working Space Is Sponsoring JS Village

Event Space And Equipment

CoHoots has always been a strong supporter of local community efforts like JS Village. Events like this are why CoHoots exists, to bring talented developers and designers together.

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