JS Village Community Volunteers

Phoenix is rich in design and development talent and at JS Village want to bring that talent together to do good in the community. This is the technology version of volunteerism. Thank you all for your time and energy.

JS Village Community Organizers

Every event takes an idea and people willing to organize it. JS Village is the long term brain child of a group of Phoenix valley designers and developers who are passionate about improving the world we live in.


Michael Tafro

As a beginner in JavaScript development, I'm interested in participating in this event to gain experience in project development and working with a team to create something valuable to the community.

Martin Patino

I have been on this programming journey for about a year now primary focusing in javascript realm. I have always been project oriented and have always been interested in building a project with a team to create something meaningful for the community.

Rick Markins

I am passionate about building applications to better my community and the hopefully our society.

Jess Mear

I care about education and I enjoy using my skills to give back to my community.

Aaron Fischer

I am new to web development and looking to get experience working on a project with others.

Corey Abramowitz

I'm interested in a possible new venture as well as getting to know new people.

David Vespoli

I'm participating in the JS Village event because it's a great way to interact with other outgoing developers and creatives while at the same time hopefully giving back to the larger community.

Luis Alcantar

JS Village is a great opportunity to meet and contribute to the community. I think coding is a great tool for solving real life problems, and it can reach a lot of people faster than anything.

Raphael Hyde

I'm a UI/UX designer with a passion for user research and human centered design. I really care about helping people for the better and not just making money. I love to be outside when it's not 1,000 degrees out :) I want to travel as much as I can and experience everything the light touches.

Caleb Barclay

I joined JS Village to connect some of the valley’s top technical folks with human-centered designers. I’ve found that teams have greater cohesion when they start with a simple but challenging, human centered need.

Alex Kremer

I joined JS Village to help promote local development talent here in Phoenix. We have such an amazing community of talented individuals who can help solve some of our more pressing community needs.

Brandon Mason

JS Village is an attempt to envision and create the community that we want to find ourselves in. To me that means that we need to understand the struggles and aspirations that our fellow citizens face, and try to be a part of the solution.

Paul Kenjora

I began discussing the concept behind JS Village with Brandon ( the lead organizer ) several months ago. The idea was to leverage talent to answer fundamental yet vastly under served or miss-understood community needs. Developers and designers have talents that should be volunteered.