Michael Tafro

As a beginner in JavaScript development, I'm interested in participating in this event to gain experience in project development and working with a team to create something valuable to the community.

Martin Patino

I have been on this programming journey for about a year now primary focusing in javascript realm. I have always been project oriented and have always been interested in building a project with a team to create something meaningful for the community.

Rick Markins

I am passionate about building applications to better my community and the hopefully our society.

Jess Mear

I care about education and I enjoy using my skills to give back to my community.

Aaron Fischer

I am new to web development and looking to get experience working on a project with others.

Corey Abramowitz

I'm interested in a possible new venture as well as getting to know new people.

David Vespoli

I'm participating in the JS Village event because it's a great way to interact with other outgoing developers and creatives while at the same time hopefully giving back to the larger community.

Luis Alcantar

JS Village is a great opportunity to meet and contribute to the community. I think coding is a great tool for solving real life problems, and it can reach a lot of people faster than anything.

Raphael Hyde

I'm a UI/UX designer with a passion for user research and human centered design. I really care about helping people for the better and not just making money. I love to be outside when it's not 1,000 degrees out :) I want to travel as much as I can and experience everything the light touches.